HDFC Net Banking Registration Process

HDFC(Housing Development Finance Corporation limited) bank was started in 1994 in Mumbai as their headquarters. It is the India’s largest private sector bank. It is having 4715 branches and it is located in almost 3000 cities all across the world including Dubai, Hong Kong and Bahrain. It is having 12000 ATMs across the world. HDFC made banking services easier to customers by Internet banking and Mobile banking and it provides many offers to their customers in online shopping. Users can avail all these services through the products of HDFC bank like mobile app, HDFC online website.

The Services provided by HDFC bank are

  1. Easy Fund transfer through NEFT or IMPS
  2. You can easily check your balance
  3. You can check your mini statements
  4. You can pay your credit card bills
  5. You can use your Net banking for Online shopping
  6. You can do Online recharge

You can also use the above all services by using HDFC bank mobile app. The app is available in Playstore for Android users and in Apple store for ios users. Follow the below steps to register for HDFC internet banking.

Steps to register for HDFC internet banking

Here we provided the step by step process for HDFC online banking registration process which is India’s top most private bank.

HDFC online banking process

Step 1: To register for HDFC Netbanking please go to the official HDFC bank site or else search in google as HDFC net banking registration and select first link or  else you can click here in the given link(

Step 2: In the page you have to click on the link of “Register for Netbanking by generating a One Time Password”. Which means that you selecting an option to register for HDFC online banking through an OTP.

Step 3: In the next page it will ask you to enter your Customer ID, so please enter your customer ID which is there on your HDFC bank passbook and click on “Go” button. The userID for HDFC netbanking will be your Customer ID only, so remember your customer ID.

Step 4: After that a new One Time Password for your HDFC online banking is forwarded to your registered mobile number. If you got OTP click on Continue or else you have to repeat the steps 1-3 again.

Step 5: Now enter One Time Password(OTP) in the given input box and click on continue.

Step 6: In this step it will show you a list of Debit cards which are linked to your bank account/ User ID/ Customer ID. You have to select any one debit card which you are using.

Step 7: Now it will display your card number check it before you continue and it will ask you to enter your debit card PIN number and debit card expiry date, enter the details correctly. And it will ask you to set a “New IPIN Password” which will be your HDFC netbanking password, so create a IPIN password and again enter the IPIN password to confirm it and click on continue.

Step 8: Now it will display a message of “Congratulations your IPIN has been successfully reset.” That means your HDFC netbanking login password has been changed. Now you have to login into your account to check your credentials for the first time.


By following the above steps you have registered an HDFC Net Banking account. Now you are availing number of services provided by HDFC bank using online site. Enjoy the uninterrupted internet banking service provided by HDFC bank.



For Login the UserID will be your Customer ID and password will be your IPIN password which you have set before. So, login to your account to enjoy the unlimited services provided by HDFC bank.


How to install HDFC mobile app on android and ios devices?

HDFC netbanking provides many services to their customers through there official website. Each and every service provided by HDFC Online site can also be available on mobile app powered by HDFC bank. The app is available on both android and ios devices. Android app is available in playstore and ios app is available on Apple store. You can download the app and avail all features on your hand.


How to transfer funds using IMPS and NEFT?

You can transfer funds to any bank account in this world in two ways one is Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) and another one is National Electronics Funds Transfer System (NEFT). The IMPS service is an immediate payment service while NEFT will take time to transfer funds, mostly NEFT is used in scheduled transfers.


HDFC bank customer care numbers

In case of damage/theft/loss of your credit/debit cards you can reach the 24/7 HDFC bank credit/ebit card customer care phone number 1800 425 4332 and you can report a loss of your card. It is better to call this customer care number immediately when you have lost your card.

In case of Mutual funds or Investment services related services you can reach the customer care number 1800 22 1006 or (+022) 6160 6161  in between 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM on working days and in between 9:30 AM to 1:30 AM on weekends.


IOB Scholar Educational Loan Scheme

Are you also one of those willing to pursue your higher education in India or outside India? If your answer is yes then you must have some plans in your mind. Along with having the right choice of institution, it is necessary to have the right amount of finance as well. If you are not having the right financial resources then it will become quite difficult for you to pursue your dreams and complete your education from your chosen institution.

Considering the same situation and in order to help you out, the Indian overseas Bank has introduced the IOB scholar educational loan. This loan is introduced under the retail loan sections and this educational loan scheme is specially designed for all those who are willing to pursue their higher education in India and abroad. The major motive of introducing this loan is to cover all those students or candidates who you are not eligible for or not included in the with their Suraksha or Vidya Jyothi education loan scheme. So if you are also looking out for some educational loan scheme that can help you in fulfilling your dream then check out the details given below.

What Eligibility Is Required to get Loan?

Before applying for the IOB Scholarloan, it is necessary for you to understand that are you eligible to apply for it or not? Sometimes, due to not fulfilling the eligibility conditions, people face difficulty to avail the loan benefits. Hence, before starting the documentation process must check out the eligibility requirements. In order to apply for this loan, it is important for the students to get admission into those institutions are colleges that are affiliated with recognized institutes for the educational board is without going through any sort of test or interview.

It is necessary for the students to score the minimum cutoff marks according to the merit list. Additionally, it is important for the students to complete their 12th class with at least 60% of the examination. For the scheduled caste students, the minimum scoring marks is 55%. Apart from this, the student who is looking forward to study the vocational training for skill development course which will not be included in the model is scheme can also register for the loan of IOB Scholar. This loan is applicable for all those courses which are having employability conditions on completion.

How Much Amount Can I Get Through IOB Scholar loan?

If you are going to pursue your course from any Indian institute then you can get a maximum amount of rupees 50 lacs through this loan. On the other hand, for all those students going to pursue their courses from foreign universities, the quantum of loan is rupees 60 lacs maximum. It is important to determine that no extension will be there in the maximum amount of IOB Scholar educational loan.

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What is the Margin rate for this Loan?

Irrespective of the IOB Scholar loan amount, the applying student needs to face a uniform margin of 25% for all the loans. Apart from this, in the margin, all the scholarship and assistantship will also be included. The margins may be brought on the basis of year to year or when the disbursements made according to the pro-rata basis.

Repayment and Holiday Period for the Loan

The amount of IOB Scholar loan taken by the student will be in equated monthly installment. The period will be defined according to the amount of loan. For example, for all the loans up to rupees 60 lacs, the repayment period will be of 15 years. This will be after the holiday on a moratorium period. The moratorium period will include the course period along with one year or after getting employed.

Rate of Interest to Be Charged

Before applying for the IOB Scholar loan, it is important for the candidates to understand the rate of interest that needs to payed to the amount. The rate of interest is an additional amount that the candidates need to pay along with the principal amount. The rate of interest will vary according to the amount to be taken by the student. Moreover, it will also depend upon the installment as well.

What Security needs to Be Submitted?

While applying for the loan, it is important for the students to have proper details about the security to be submitted. The loan will only be secured in the form of collateral security. The collective security will include land, building, UTI units, NSC KVP, life policies, mutual fund units, Bank deposits, debentures, shares, any other deposits on the name of the student or their parent, their guardian or any other third party. Apart from this, any other tangible security that is acceptable by bank along with a suitable margin can also be used for security purposes. Moreover, the assignment of future income of the student for installation payment will also be pursued.

Other Conditions to Be Fulfilled for Applying the Loan:

The bank will provide 1% interest concession. This condition is mainly applicable based on the interest is served during the time of study period for the moratorium. The loan will be e disbursed according to the requirements. The amount will be released only when the institutions demand or for the equipment required. The processing charges is applicable when you are going to apply for the loan, then it is necessary to visit After visiting the homepage, students need to enter all their required credentials and submit all the required documents as well. All the other necessary details will be available on the same page available.

Finally, these are all the essential details about the Indian Overseas Bank IOB scholar loan. With the help of the given credentials, you will get to know how you can apply for the loan and what are the requirements related to it. You are highly suggested that before applying or completing the documentation must check all the eligibility requirements. If you have not fulfilled the requirements then you will not be considered as eligible to get the loan. So, make sure to check out the essential stuffs discussed above to utilize it in a better way.


Indian Overseas Bank Education Career Dreams Loan

Education and career are the two most important stages of an individual life. When it comes to getting an education, everyone wants to pursue it from the best institute being it as one of the Career dreams. Apart from this, there are several institutions available around the globe providing amazing professional services to the students. However, there are a lot of amounts that individuals need to pay to avail the education.

In order to attain education, it is important for students to pay a particular amount of fees. There are several highly prestigious institutes and colleges available in India that is offering higher education to the children. Not only the quality of education is amazing, but also they charge a higher amount of fees as well. There are students who cannot afford to pay the high amount, and that is why they choose to not to pursue the course. But now, the situation has changed a lot. Now, students can easily attain education from their special or favorite institution and also can pay the education fees without having any complexities. Yes, the Indian Overseas Bank is one of the most prestigious financial institutions available that is offering the career dreams retail loans to the students who are willing to pursue their careers and prepare for the courses.

Usually, most of the banks provide loans for professional courses like B.Tech or However, when it comes to getting trained in for coaching to prepare for the professional courses entrance examination, then it becomes quite difficult to attend the loan. But, the Indian Overseas Bank has made the situation easier for the students. The bank is offering loans for financing coaching institutions in India. So, students preparing for the professional courses entrance examination like a chartered accountant, medicine, engineering, business management or any other civil service examination like IAS IPS IAS or any other career or skill development Aptech, SAS, SAP, or any other can apply for the loan.

Am I eligible to get a loan?

Before getting the loan, it is necessary to avail all the essential details regarding eligibility. In case, any student or candidate is not eligible, then he or she will not be able to attend the loan for pursuing education. In order to get the loan, it is necessary that the institution must be refuted and registered. Registration requirements depend upon the course that the student is willing to pursue, the training and also the government rules and regulations. Apart from all this, the period of the course that the student is going to pursue must be at least two years.

How much amount can I avail through this loan?

If you find yourself eligible for this loan, then you can easily complete the documentation and get the amount. The minimum amount that you can get through this loan is 25000. In case you are in need of more amounts then you can apply for the same as well. The maximum amount that you can take through this loan is rupees 200000.

Margin Percentage of the loan

Whenever we apply for any loan, it is necessary to attend the essential details regarding the margins. The margins in this loan include 5% of the tuition fee. The percentage depends upon the fee structure that is decided and issued by the institution. Apart from that, it also includes 25% for immovable property and 10% for the movable assets as well.

Repayment for the holiday period          

It is important to know that till when you can repay the amount to the bank. The payment period plays an important role because it helps you in understanding that how much time you have to repay the amount. The maximum repayment period that the bank allows you to repay the loan is for three years without having any Moratorium. In case for the salaried class comes there is no extension in the repayment period. There is no provision of extending the repayment period for the loan.

Rate of interest for the loan

The rate of interest you need to pay will be according to the rules and regulations of the Managing authorities. You will avail the details about the rate of interest just by visiting the bank authorities.

Security to be submitted

For getting the loan, it is necessary to submit particular security to the bank. The security to be submitted by you to the bank is based upon some specific factors. The factors include:

  • In case your salary gets rooted through the bank then you do not need to submit any sort of security.
  • In case your pension for the salary is not rooted through the Indian overseas bank, and then it is important to secure the loan completely with the help of collateral. In this process of the loan, there is no need to have any sort of third party guarantee
  • If you are willing to submit your immovable property as a security, then it can also get considered by the bank.

Other Conditions to be fulfilled

There are some specific conditions that are necessary to be fulfilled. The major condition is that the applicant of the loan must be the legal guardian, father, mother or spouse of the aspirant. Apart from this, the individual applying for the loan must have regular and verified income and also have the capacity to repay the loan. In case, the student has an independent income then also he can become the applicant for the loan. The loan can also get extended for meeting the needs like the fees of the spouse, daughter or son as well.

Documents for Applicant (student)

The applicant needs to submit the following documents:

  • PAN card
  • Address proof (Aadhar/ Voter-ID/Driving license/ Passport/ Any other document as asked by the bank)
  • All mark sheets and certificates (From Class 10th to the Last Qualifying examination)
  • Admission letter from the institute
  • Scorecard (If any merit list or exam held)
  • Fee Structure of the institute

Documents for Co-applicant (parents)

  • PAN card
  • Address proof (Aadhar/ Voter-ID/Driving license/ Passport/ Any other document as asked by the bank)
  • Income proof (ITR/ Form 16 for two years)
  • Salary slip of last three months (for all those who are salaried)
  • Six months bank A/C statement

Final words

Hence these are the details that you must consider if you are willing to get a career dreams  loan from the Indian Overseas Bank. The above-given details will definitely help you out in making the process simpler.



IOB holidays list 2020 [ Bank holidays ]

Indian overseas Bank will remain closed for all public and national holidays and as well as it will be closed during religious festivals. This differs for each and every States which has its own regional festival and it is suitable for every particular state branches. And then for every month 2nd and 4th Saturday will be closed which is common for all the branches.

List of holidays for IOB

  • 1st January 2020 for New Year.
  • 15th January 2020 for pongal.
  • 26th January 2020 for Republic Day holiday.
  • 30th January 2020for Vasant Panchami.
  • 21st February for Mahashivratri.
  • 10th March 2020 for Holi.
  • 25th March 2020 for Ugadi.
  • 6th April 2020 for Mahavir Jayanti.
  • 10th April 2020 is a Good Friday holiday.
  • 1st May for May Day.
  • 31st July 2020 is declared as a holiday for Bakrid.
  • 3rd August 2020 is a holiday for Raksha Bandhan.
  • 11th August 2020 for Janmashtami.
  • 15th August 2020 is declared as an Independence Day Holiday.
  • 30th August 2020 for Muharram.
  • 2nd October is declared as a Gandhi Jayanti holiday.
  • 26 October for Vijaya Dashami.
  • 30th October 2020 for Eid E Milad
  • 31st October 2020 for Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti.
  • 14th November 2020 is declared as the Diwali holiday.
  • 25th December 2020 for the Christmas holiday.

These are the list of holidays in which Indian overseas Bank will be closed during these days. It is advised for the customers to do prior alternative arrangements for the fund transaction flow.

IOB Net Banking

IOB Net Banking Login – – Corporate and Individual Login

Welcome to IOB Internet Banking Website. Here you can get complete information about iob net banking login and all its services like mobile banking, loans, fund transfers etc.

IOB Internet Banking Login

IOB comes under public sector bank based in Chennai. IOB is having a network of around 3300 ATM’s all over India. IOB is having branches in many other countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Colombo, Seoul, and Bangkok. It is also having representative offices in Guangzhou, Vietnam, and Dubai. In addition to these IOB is also a part of joint-venture bank in Malaysia

First of all IOB is well known for its foreign exchange services. Due to war it has lost many of its branches, only few resumed after war.

Bank Login – IOB LOGIN

IOB net banking login is provided based on the type of customer account. There are basically two types of accounts – IOB Individual account and IOB Corporate Account. Click on respective link to login into iob net banking.

iob net banking login

IOB Corporate Login

Corporate login is for those customers who are running business due to their heavy transactions. These accounts are usually a group of individual people who run a business. Well known as current accounts.

Corporate Login

IOB Individual Login is for an individual account holder. Transactions can’t be done with huge volumes, yet it satisfies a common man needs.

Individual Login

Services Provide with IOB NET Banking Login

IOB is no more less than any other bank in India. IOB Offers almost all services like Personal banking, Corporate banking, Agriculture, NRI services, corporate services, loans and also international services. Services that are provided by Bank are as follows

Finally, in addition to these IOB security to their customers. Please note that Banks never ask for net banking login details through call or message. Due to such call many customers have lost money and reported the same. Stay away from such fraudulent calls to be safe.


IOB Vehicle Loans for 2, 3, 4 Wheelers – Pushpaka

Are you dreaming of your car? If yes IOB Vehicle Loans will take you on the perfect ride. Owning a car is the dream of the majority of the people, but surely not all of us can continue it. The reason is the lack of finance or inadequate budget planning. Cost-cutting is surely a thing that can help you in achieving your dreams. But is it alone being quite enough to go? Surely not. One needs to take the help of some bank or financial institute to fulfill their dream of a car. Indian Overseas Bank provides users the facility of getting secure and low-interest rates in the market. Trust and reliability are the two wonderful factors that you will enjoy at IOB Vehicle loans. If you have some queries in your mind the article will serve as a great guide for you.

vehicle loans

Eligibility Criteria for Indian Overseas Bank Vehicle Loan

The parameters for salaried professionals and self-employed changes a little bit. If you are looking forward to having IOB vehicle loan you need to pass on the eligibility criteria of:

For salaried professionals

  • He/She needed to be in the age group between 21 to 58
  • His/Her income should not be less than that of 1,00,000 per annum
  • He/She needed to be a particular employer for at least one year and should also need to have an overall experience of two years

For Self-Employed

  • He/She needed to be in the age group between 21 to 65
  • He/She needed to have a minimum net profit of Rs. 60,000 for standard cars and for premium and mid-sized cars it should be in between 1,00,000 per annum
  • He/She needed to be in the business for about three years.

Documentation required for IOB Vehicle Loan

Be prepared with the following documents if you are seeking a vehicle loan from Indian Overseas Bank. The documents being mentioned here are valid for both salaried and self-employed professionals.

  • Duly filled and signed application form
  • Income proof
  • IT returns or assessment order
  • Address proof such as PAN card, Voter ID card, Passport, Ration card or Driving license, etc.
  • Age proof
  • Resident proof
  • Two passports sized photographs of the applicant

Factors affecting IOB Vehicle Loan

The interest rates of the IOB Vehicle loan usually get changed from time to time. If you are willing to know what they are, here makes a quick look at these:

  • The amount you used as a down payment is one of the basic factors that affect the amount of IOB vehicle loan as well. Higher will be the down payment lower will be the interest rates you will get here.
  • The amount of the car loan also depends upon the condition of the car as well. The interest rates will be lower to the new cars as they would have considerably less risk. Whereas the interest rates will be higher on pre-owned cars.
  • A credit score is a self-explanatory factor for the IOB vehicle loan. It usually reflects your repayment habits and hence ultimately affects your IOB vehicle loan as well.
  • The loan tenure of the car loan also affects the interest rates of Indian Overseas Bank. Shorter will be the period of car loan you are looking for lower will be the interest rates and vice versa.
  • The ration of the individual expenses and the gross income of the loan seeker also puts on a greater impact on the IOB vehicle loan.
  • Employment status and tenure of the car loan also puts on an impact on the IOB vehicle loan.
  • The previous dealing of the bank can also affect the rates of Indian Overseas Bank a lot.

Features of IOB Vehicle Loan

Indian Overseas Bank is well known for providing effective and faster vehicle loans on low-interest rates. The car loan being provided by IOB is also known as the Pushpaka car loan scheme. It is a wonderful platform where one can easily enjoy several repayment options such as easy payments and other benefits. If you are willing to know in deep about IOB vehicle loan, here are the top most features of it

  • One can easily get car loan for about 90% of the ex-showroom price and can also get a minimum loan for Rs. 1 Lakh also.
  • The maximum repayment tenure for the IOB vehicle loan is about 7 years. It means that you will have maximum time to own a car completely.
  • Processing fees for Rs. 2.5 lakh is about Rs. 2825 and Rs. 3850 for a loan of about Rs. 4 Lakh and that is quite low as comparison others in the market.
  • IOB does not add any foreclosure charges for the IOB car loan.
  • The late payment penalty for the IOB vehicle loan is only about 2% per month.


Can I get an IOB vehicle loan on two-wheelers also?

Yes. IOB provides the facility of getting loans on all kinds of vehicles. One can easily get an IOB vehicle loan on two-wheelers as well unless it is a newer one.

Who are applicable for an IOB vehicle loan?

IOB offers vehicle loans for both Indian as well as Non-Indian residents as well. You just need to be eligible as per your employment status whether you are self-employed or own a business.

Are the processing charges for IOB vehicle loan changes as per the location (Rural or Urban)?

Yes. The total processing charges for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers changes as per rural and urban areas. Rural areas are usually charged with low processing costs whereas the cost for urban areas is usually higher.

What is the interest rate structure for the IOB vehicle loan?

IOB usually follows the government guideline and possess vehicle loans accordingly.


IOB GOLD Loan Eligibility Criteria and How to Apply for Jewel Loans

Gold can turn to be your true partner if being used perfectly. If you are currently going through some harsh times, why not use your gold to get some loan on it. Indian Overseas Bank provides users the opportunity of taking a loan against gold. The bank usually provided you loan by taking gold as security and it is absolutely the bank’s responsibility to take care of the borrower’s gold. Trust and reliability are the two basic terms that you must appreciate here. IOB Gold Loan service is the best way to get funds in response to the security of your gold. Isn’t it seeming to be surprising? If you still have some queries, just go through the given guide very carefully to let the things easily happening for you.

vehicle and gold loans

Eligibility Criteria for Indian Overseas Bank Gold Loan Eligibility

People who are willing to get IOB gold loans should need to pass the eligibility criteria of:

  • He/She needed to be in the age group between 18 to 70 years
  • He/She needed to be a citizen of India
  • Employment Status is not an aspect to consider on
  • Gold that borrower is going to get the loan on should be needed to be absolute as pe quality and quantity
  • One cannot exceed the limit of 1 Crore on IOB Gold Loan

What are the interest rates of IOB Gold Loans 2020?

One of the best things about the Gold loan is that it includes a very lower interest rate. IOB gold loans are the symbol of security and affordability where one can easily get loans lower to market interest. The IOS gold loans usually get changed accordingly. It is readily available at a rate of 1% PM interest rate. Moreover, the processing speeds are also quite low here and the pre closer charges also range from zero to two percent only. You are free to check out and compare other services before finalizing your IOS gold loan decision.

Why opt for Indian Overseas Bank Gold Loans?

If you are currently facing the lower situation and are willing to have some financial security, just get a loan from Indian Overseas Bank on your gold. It is the best way one could improve your financial status without making many efforts. We are preferring here to opt for IOS gold loans instead of personal loans as these loans usually comprise of lower interest rates.

IOS takes absolute care of your gold asset and will be supposed to be safer than your jewelry in a bank locker. You don’t need to pay charges for the safety of your gold. You will get funds and security of gold simultaneously. If you still have queries in your mind here are some quick points that will help you in knowing much about IOS gold loans.

  • Easy applying process
  • Easy document verification
  • Absolute funding and extremely caring of gold simultaneously
  • Lower interest rates
  • Doesn’t need to verify the reason before applying for the gold loan

What kind of gold is acceptable at IOB gold loans?

Indian Overseas Bank follows up a particular guideline to ensure the perfect security of both banks and borrower’s interests. Gold is used for a loan is properly checked out before sanctioning the loan process. The basic criteria of gold for IOS gold loan is:

  • Quality of the gold should lie in between 18 to 22 carats
  • Minimum of 50 grams of gold is being required for applying for gold loan
  • Minted or forged gold coins are not accepted
  • Bar and bricks are not available for IOS gold loans
  • Raw gold is also not being used for IOS gold loans

Documentation required for Indian Overseas Gold Loan

Keep your documents ready before applying for Indian Overseas Gold Loan. The documents that are being required at the time of IOS Gold Loan application are:

  • Address proof or applications such as Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Ration Card, Driving License, Voter Card, etc.
  • Identity Proof
  • Signature Proof
  • Two passports sized colored photographs

How to apply for IOS Gold Loans?

Applying for Indian Overseas Gold Loan is not a tough process. It will hardly take your few minutes to accomplish. The best thing about the IOS gold loan is that you don’t need the security of the gold here. The only things that you have to do while applying for IOS Gold Loans are:

  • Launch the official website of Indian Overseas Bank.
  • Fill in the application form online being present there.
  • You will receive a call back from the relationship manager and will assist you through the entire process.
  • Check out the eligibility criteria for the IOS gold loan.
  • Submit all of the documents requires including proofs in the bank.
  • It will take a few minutes to complete the process.
  • Once done, your required credit will be credited to your account.
IOB Net Banking

How To Change IOB Net Banking Password

IOB is a major public sector bank founded in 1937 which was based in Chennai (Madras).It provides various banking services such as Personal Banking, Corporate Banking, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, NRI services etc. To be secure we should change net banking password and iob fund transfer pin at regular interval. In this article learn how to change the password in iob internet banking.Today the usage of Internet Banking is growing day by day and people find it easy to make their banking transactions and transfers easy through Internet Banking than going to  the bank and spending their valuable time until their turn comes. Check how to change net banking password.

Steps to be followed to change net banking password

  • Click the link which will redirect you to the IOB internet banking website.
  • There you will see Individual and corporate login click on the desired login here I am clicking Individual login.
  • Then enter the login id and password and click submit.
  • Then you will be successfully logged in and then go to edit profile.
  • Select Change Password.

iob net banking password

  • Now enter the old password and the new password and click submit your password will be successfully changed.

 Instructions while changing Password

  • Do not use a password which is used previously.
  • The password should be of the length of 8 to 12 characters and should contain at least one number.
  • Using at least one CAPITAL alphabet and a special character increases the password strength.

Make sure to follow all the security measures like changing passwords at regular intervals and avoiding usage at public internet, non-sharing of credentials etc. Please use the comments session below for further queries or difficulties that you were facing.


Fund Transfer Pin

How to change Fund Transfer Pin

Today I am going to tell you about how to get or change the fund tansfer pin in the IOB Internet Banking. Before that one should know about fund transfer pin.

The usage of Internet Banking is growing day by day and people find it easy to make their banking transactions and transfers easy through Internet Banking than going to  the bank and spending their valuable time until their turn comes.

What is Fund Transfer Pin in IOB Net Banking

IOB Fund Transfer Pin is numeric 4 digit pin which is introduced to add an extra level of security for transactions online, at the time of the transaction the payment gate way of Bank asks to enter the pin and password to make sure no frauds can happen.

How to Get Fund Transfer Pin

In-order to get pin you must register for net bankingSubmit a fund transfer pin request form in the home branch, after approval and activation of net banking service you will receive the fund transfer pin.

Forgot IOB Fund Transfer Pin?

No worries if you have iob net banking service , then all you need to do is login into your account and click on forgot pin in the left side bar. Now you will be displayed with further steps to be done. Just follow all the steps and you are done. It is similar to the process below

Steps On How to change Fund Transfer Pin using IOB Internet Banking

  • Open the link which will redirect you to the IOB internet banking website.
  • There you will see Individual and corporate login click on the desired login here I am clicking Individual login.

Iob net banking login page

  • Then enter the login id and password and click submit.

iob net banking login id and password page

  • Then you will be successfully logged in and then go to edit profile.

iob net banking edit profile page

  • Select Change Pin.
  • Enter the current Pin and New Pin and click Submit.
  • Please note the pin is numeric value of length 4.
  • No alphabets or special characters are allowed.

iob fund transfer pin change request form online

  • Now you will be directed to a page where an acknowledgement message like ” IOB Net Banking Pin Has Been Changed Successfully”
  • You will also get a mail regarding Pin Change

Also read how to generate/change mpin for mobile banking

By following the above-mentioned steps you can easily change  fund transfer pin as the default pin is not of our own choice and is auto-generated by Bank

I Hope this article  very helpful to you, please comment below for further assistance or contact iob customer care toll-free number

IOB Net Banking

How to do Fund Transfer in IOB Net Banking

With 3400+ domestic branches, IOB comes to the list of top public sector banks of this country. Over the past 80 years, they have successfully managed to enlarge their customer base. IOB has always updated their technologies according to the need and growth of the industry and just like all other major banks they are also providing online banking service that too in a better and more dedicated way through fund transfer in IOB Net Banking .

fund transfer using net banking

In this article we will learn about the money transfer process of IOB in few simple steps.

 Transfer Money through IOB Net Banking:

India Overseas Bank has its own in-house ISO certified Information Technology dpt. which is responsible for the virtual transactions and other banking operations. Their successfully launched, easy to use and very secure web/mobile app has attracted thousands of customers.

Fund transfer through internet banking can place between any of the following accounts

  1. IOB Accounts
  2. Other Bank Accounts

So please select the respective option as per your actual requirement while following the process described below.

Step 1: Open your browser and go to

Step 2: A page having some security tips will appear, click on the Continue button below.

Step 3: Log in to your account.

Step 4: Click on the Remittance option in the upper menu bar.

Step 5: You will see different money transferring related options in the left sidebar. Click on the Fund Transfer. Click on IOB Account or Other Bank IMPS – 24X7 – upto 2 Lakhs.

Step 6: After the IMPS page loads, click on the Pay From and choose your account. Provide the transferring account number, amount to be sent and remarks too.

Step 7: Hit the Proceed button.

Step 8: You will receive an OTP to the linked mobile number. Enter it to the Fund Transfer Pin section and hit the Transfer Fund button. In case you haven’t received any OTP you can click the Resend OTP button to give it another try.

Step 9: It is recommended to download the receipt if needed for documentation.

Step 10: Make sure you have logged out safely.

  • Note: Before you start transferring to a new payee, you must add the payee first. It takes some hours to activate the payee for transferring funds. Once you have added and activation has been done successfully, you can instantly transfer anytime in the future.

Hope you have no confusion regarding this IOB online money transfer process, if there is any problem just comment below, we will try our best to sort it out.