IOB SMS Banking Registration and Usage Process

Indian Overseas Bank is a popular public sector bank that was established in the year 1937 on 10th February, headquarter is situated in Chennai. The popular IOB bank offers various financial and banking services which include credit cards, investments, deposit payments, loans etc… This bank offers you plenty of features and the customers can easily visit the banking through online services by using net banking websites and even through mobile applications.

iob sms banking number

About SMS banking

Indian Overseas Bank customers can easily check their account balance in the form of requesting through a message, that is they can send an SMS from there register mobile number to a common SMS banking IOB number 8424022122.

And in this number, you have to send the detail format as “BAL account name’’ which is exactly represented in your bank and then you have to send this SMS to the mobile number. Automatically the bank will reply to you the balance account details through SMS.

There is also another alternative procedure for receiving your bank balance details just dial to the number 04442220004 in your register phone number within a few rings your call will be automatically rejected and the bank will immediately respond to you with your bank balance details through SMS. An important note over here is only through the registered mobile number you can receive the SMS of your bank details.


Indian Overseas Bank has designed with amazing features and it is really user-friendly let’s see some of the features of IOB SMS banking systems are

  • This bank is really user-friendly and it is available to the customers anytime by the registered mobile number to clear all the details through the mobile banking system.
  • You can easily track your account details through the clock.
  • Plenty of facilities are available with established designed formats through SMS services.

Registering for SMS banking

If you haven’t still registered your mobile number with your bank it is advisable to register your personal mobile number to the bank to receive all the details regarding your account.

This process will be very easier to receive the account details then and then. You can approach your nearest branch and there you have to fill the mobile banking application form which will be available in the bank just fill it and submit it over there. After the employee reviewing the details of the mobile banking service immediately, this will be activated to your number. You will receive an SMS regarding that your mobile process has been activated and it is connected to the IOB SMS banking services.

And now you can easily link to the bank and you can receive all your information and also you can login to the internet banking sector which will be very easy for the transaction.

How to use IOB SMS banking Service

Here is the few steps should be followed if you need to activate your SMS banking in your mobile. For Indian overseas mobile banking customer’s application product is activated and you can follow these steps for your reference.


Tag Description

Balance enquiryBAL /space/ last 4 digit Account Number e.g: BAL  1234
Mini StatementMINI /space/ last 4 digit Account Number e.g: MINI  1234
  • Initially, you have to download the IOB mobile banking system service from your application store that is from Google play store.
  • Then just open the application and enter your registered number which is given in the bank and m pin number.
  • Just click to generate OTP, the OTP will be received in your registered mobile number. Verify the OTP for activation.
  • After OTP verification a message will be displayed as successful verification on the screen and then you have to re-enter the system to enter the login password and then submit.
  • Immediately a message will be displayed on the screen that you have successfully created mobile banking system with a password on your mobile. Here you can receive plenty of information through this service.
  • And then when you enter your password just accept the conditions which are given below and log in to the mobile banking services and here you can easily clarify all the information’s regarding your account details.
  • This is one of the easiest methods or you can just fill the application form in your nearest IOB store after the registration process is completed a mobile welcome kit will be provided from the bank with the PIN number you can just use this service easily.


After successfully registering your mobile number with IOB banking service you can easily check all your details by receiving the mini statement of transferring funds in your mobile app easily within a minute.

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