Steps to transfer money from IndusInd bank to other banks Accounts

By | April 9, 2020

Again we are come up with another article regarding IndusInd banking Services that is IndusInd Funds Transfer using IndusInd net Banking Service.

Well, have you registered to IndusInd Net banking if not, Check this article How to register and Activate IndusInd Net Banking. Now a days it is very easy to transfer money to others bank account and no need to go bank to deposit money to others bank accounts. We have few steps to transfer money from IndusInd bank to other banks or with in IndusInd Bank.steps to transfer money

Steps to follow to complete the money transfer process using the IndusInd net banking

Step1: First of all you need login to IndusInd net Banking. Click here to go to IndusInd Net banking service (IndusInd Net banking URL).

Step2: You need to add a beneficiary account to your IndusInd net Banking account to transfer funds to another account. Check here how to add a beneficiary account to your IndusInd Net Banking account (Internal Post Linking).

Step3: Okay, have you finished with the beneficiary adding. Then, go ahead with the process. In the next step it asks to fill some mandatory fields to transfer funds. Fill them with correct information. Then click on submit to proceed with the transaction.

Step4: In this step, it will show you all the details for confirmation which you have entered before step.

Step5: Enter your transaction password which you have given at the time of registration for IndusInd Internet Banking or Generate an OTP to your Mobile for that click on “Generate OTP” button shown on the page webpage.

Step6: Click on submit to complete the transaction of Funds transfer using IndusInd Internet Banking.

If you have any questions regarding this process comment below to get them solved. Thanks for supporting Us.

Steps To make One time transfer using indusMobile app

1. When you click Login in your IndusInd mobile app you will lead to another page which asks you to enter your registered UserId. You must enter your UserId and click on “Continue to Login”.
Or else if you want to register any another new IndusInd bank account in the IndusIn mobile app you have to click on “Register as a New User” button.

2.After successful entry of your UserId it will lead you to draw your pattern lock which you have drawn at the time of registration. If your entered UserId is wrong it will again ask you to enter your correct UserId,
until and unless you enter your UserId correctly it will not take you to the next step.

3. In this step, you have to verify your mobile number by entering a One Time Password[OTP] which is sent to your registered mobile number only.

By above three secure steps of 1)Enter UserId, 2)Draw a Pattern and 3)Enter OTP, we can understand that how to secure our IndusInd mobile application is comparing to other banks mobile applications.

4. In this page, you can see your balance amount under “Total wealth” tab and also under “Your accounts” tab.At the top right corner, you can see a menu of Transfer funds, Open a deposit, Mobile recharge,
DTH recharge and Logout. If you want to transfer money to your family, friends and relatives etc you have to click on the “Transfer Funds”.

5. When you click on Transfer funds, it will take you to another page.In which you have three ways of transferring money to your loved ones.
The three ways are “Beneficiary Transfer”, “One Time” and “My own accounts”.

6. Click here to know more about how to transfer amount through Beneficiary Transfer.

7. If you want to send money to your friend urgently then there is no need to add your friend under beneficiary and also your money is transferred through IMPS which means your amount is transferred immediately.

One Time is the type of transfer without adding any beneficiary before transferring the amount. Under One Time, first you have to select “Other Bank Account”
if you are transferring to another bank account or else you can select “IndusInd Bank”. And you have to enter the details of your payee.

1.Enter account number of your payee person correctly, cross check the account number.

2. Enter the name of your payee to whom you are transfering the amount as per there bank account details.

3. Select the bank name of your payee.

4. Enter the IFSC code of the payee bank branch.

5. And finally enter the amount, how much you need to transfer.

Once cross check all the details whether you entered correctly or not before paying, now click on “Pay Now”.
When you click on Pay Now it will asks you to draw the pattern of lock and also asks you to enter a OTP which will sent to to your registered mobile number.
After that it shows a Success message of money transfer.

Ah, Finally this is the way how you can transfer money through your IndusInd mobile app without adding beneficiary.

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