How to Transfer Funds Using HDFC Mobile App

By | April 7, 2020

HDFC bank is one of the top most and leading private bank in India. And it provides many banking services easily available to their customers by HDFC Net banking and HDFC Mobile banking. HDFC Mobile app provides so many features which makes banking easy.

How to Transfer Funds Using HDFC Mobile App

You can check your account balance, you can transfer funds to any account and you can manage your bank account by using just your mobile.

Here we provide you a step by step process of How to transfer funds from your HDFC bank account by just using HDFC mobile app.

Step 1: First open HDFC mobile app and login to your account by entering your customer ID and click on continue. Now it will ask you to enter your password, so enter your IPIN password and it will asks you to confirm your Secure Access Image, so please check your personal secure access image and click on Login. Now your personal account dashboard will open.

Step 2: In the dashboard you have to select “My Menu” tab, in that tab under “Third party transfer” section you can see “Third Party Funds Transfer”, please click on this button.
Or else you can directly select “Fund Transfer” tab, in that select “Instant Transfer to other Bank-IMPS”, it is better to select this then remaining options.

Step 3: Then it will open an “IMPS Fund Transfer” page, in this page select a button of “Using IFSC Code & A/c No”. IMPS means Immediate Payment service that means the amount you transfer using IMPS it will automatically receive by the payee but the transaction has limits, you can transfer up to 2lakhs only. Beyond that you have to use NEFT process.

Step 4: Now select from account and select one of your bank account, if you have more than one account and select the Beneficiary name which you have already added in Beneficiary list or else you can click here to know “How to add a Beneficiary”.
Now enter the amount of how much you want to transfer and add remarks I you have any and click on “Continue”.

Step 5: Now it will ask you to confirm, so click on “Confirm” and in next page it will ask you to select an option of your registered mobile number, click check box and click on ”send OTP” button. Now an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 6: In this step it will asks you to enter OTP which you have got on your registered mobile number and click on “continue”. If you enter a correct OTP your fund transfer is success or else you to repeat steps 1-4 again.

This is the way and a detailed process of transferring funds from your HDFC Mobile app.
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