How to use IOB USSD code banking services

IOB Bank that provides an excellent mobile banking services which will be very useful for the customers to check and do the following transactions of mini statement, credit card, payment, stop cheque payments, ATM card blocking, loan and deposit view payments, bill payments, status of the cheque, fund transfer from one bank to the another, transfer of fund through NEFT and IMPS, etc.


This provides an excellent banking service 24/7 and it is very convenient for the customers to clarify all the information’s from their place through the use of mobile phones. This feature is available in all the Indian overseas Bank branches it is suitable only for the valid operative account it is one of the very easiest processes and user-friendly.

About USSD and its purpose

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is an expansion of USSD that helps the customers use their mobile banking system without any internet or data connection through the code *99#. The main objective of introducing this USSD is to receive the financial inclusion of the society and also it will help to integrate into the main banking system.

It is a very good technology that is introduced to collect all the information that are transmitted through a GSM network that is even through a basic mobile phone with the help of the SMS facility.

USSD is an application platform that is available in all IOB mobile banking systems the various services that are provided in USSD balance inquiry, generate OTP, fund transfer through IMPS, mini statement, change of Mpin number my MMID. These are the useful information in which you can receive through USSID services.

Some of the benefits and features of USSD are these works entirely without the help of data connection on a basic mobile. It is very easy to use in a secure interface process. It works in all GSM handsets. The process of transferring money by using USSD code is very easier and secure.

Services available with USSD

There are plenty of services that are available by using USSD financially and non-financially. By financially you can transfer funds with the help of account number Aadhar card and MMID code. With the help of non-financial service that helps to generate OTP generation, balance inquiry, mini statement, and change of Mpin and generation.

USSD code is very useful for transferring money to another account let us see the steps that are followed by using MMID and mobile number

  • Initially, you have to register your bank account number with the registered mobile number and then you have to dial*99#.
  • Just interface 3 letters of bank name which is represented in a short way and then you have to enter the first four letters of your IFSC Bank code then 2 digits of bank numeric code and then you can proceed to send.
  • You have to choose the number to transfer money and then you can proceed with the payment of beneficiary mobile number.
  • Next step you have to choose the transaction amount to the beneficiary and then enter Mpin of the last four digits which is available of your bank account number.

Transferring money by using USSD code, IFSC code, and bank account number.

  • Dial *99# with the help of your registered mobile number.
  • Then continue with the short term three-letter Bank name and then 4 digits of IFSC code then two-digit numeric codes that are represented in your bank card.
  • And then you have to choose the fund transfer by using IFSC code and through mobile number.
  • Enter the beneficiary account number to transfer the amount by using IFSC.
  • Enter your pin and last 4 digits of your account number and you will receive a confirmation message in your screen.

How to use USSD service

USSD is a popular technology in which the information are transmitted with the help of a basic GSM network and this service is particularly available on all mobile phones with the help of the SMS facility. The simple form of interaction you can use this technology by typing*99# in your basic mobile phones. This helps to transfer payments and also you can receive account details to say in a simple word it is excellent mobile banking service.


USSD is an excellent platform that works in basic GSM mobile phones with the help of the SMS facility and the menu is really interactive by providing the USSD code service. Customers are really satisfied in this facility and it is completely free of charge for the IOB customers.

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